Ramman is a folk festival of  Uttarakhand celebrated every  year in the month of April at the village Of Saloor-Dungra in Chamoli district.


Ramman is a form of traditional rituals theatre performed in the courtyard of  the temple of Bhumiyal  Devta. 

Ramman festival features on the list of the Intangible cultural Heritage of Humanity in India.

 Ramman festival is related to the Hindu epic Ramayana. The stories of the epic are re-enacted with singing and masked dances by the villagers.

Dance performances by the participants, wearing masks and narrating the stories of Ramayana, other Hindu texts, and local stories is the festival's main highlight

 In Ramman festival the performance has 18 participants, playing 18 characters wearing 18 masks and dancing on 18 beats to celebrate the 18 Puranas.

 Ramman is celebrated for 11 or 13 days. During this festival villagers also worship local deity & pay their obscene to ‘Bhumiyal Devta’.

In ramman festival various shades of local life are also enacted in the masked dance such as Myor-Muren Nritya.

The episode of Gorkha invasion on Garhwal is also depicted in the Mal Nritya.

 When the festivity ends, Bhumiya  Devta goes to stay at one of the houses of the village for a year till the next Baisakhi festival.